Sunday, August 26, 2007

tour of ireland

here it goes!

let's see where this takes me.
tour of ireland 07

travel to get here was insane not very interesting but it included a total of 12 hours of layover time in different airports.

I haven't figured out how to post multiple pictures on this thing in a good way so bare with me
yeah and I know the pic is blurry but after 28 hours of travel this is the bar at the first hotel and the sight of my first irish guinness

this is the way everything looks in ireland!

two guesses at who this guy is...Sean Kelly is really cool and we talked for about 20 minutes about cycling, ireland, the race. etc

hey look theres some grass in the road... that's pretty cool
and the road is only 8 ft wide

oh look now there is 2 2 ft patches of pavement
yes... a field of 100+ riders raced down this and it was really fast. not to mention it was "misting" by the time the race came through here. that means raining to you and me.

so what I did everyday was to leave before the race and go to the feed zone, and after everyone came through I was driving the second car in the race. which worked out great a few days as if there was a break I was the car to go up and support our guys that were in it.

that in itself was pretty crazy as trying to get by the group on roads that were on average half as wide or less as the ones were used to in the US.

this was a particularly wide portion of road, where passing cars was pretty easy.

this was a place where passing was not easy, but shortly after I took this photo I HAD to pass the mavic car and all the motorcycles to get to my guy. and somehow I managed to fit believe it or not :)

ok I think I may not even be able to load this thing up as I put too many photos but I will try and write more later.

tomorrow I am going to italy, to the dolomites to work with Andy. ciao



Jill said...

WOW, great stuff Jonathan!!!!

AndrewUnk said...

Jonathan, wow, I have only known you as Joniney, or Jonny.

Great stuff anyhow.

The other Bryan Smith said...

I can't believe you have a blog.

You are sooo gay (I mean happy...seriously) and I am really glad that you are!

Jennifer said...

Well someone sure checked the fun box when choosing a career. Here I am in a cubicle writing press releases. For the record, I remember when everyone called you "big red". :) Have a great time old pal!